Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas presents!

Oh... I forgot to mention... thanks everyone for the wonderful Xmas presents!

Thanks mom and dad for the wonderful slowcooker. I will sure make lots of use of it (I actually already made a batch of chili last night hehehe).

Thanks to my bros for chipping in for the Apple TV!! It is such a wonderful product. Ian and I (Ian especially) LOVE IT!!

Thanks Ian for the power toothbrush you got from here. I am assuming it is not because you think I have bad breath LOL... just kidding... I did asked for an electric toothbrush :)

And thanks Jane for the Burberry wallet. Wow! You shouldn't have spent so much on me :)

Happy New Year 2012!!

2011 is behind us, and it's time for new resolutions!

My resolutions of the year?

Lots lol.

- Gym 3x week
- Read at least 1 book per month (gotta get back into that)
- Respect my budget (I've been spending way too much!)
- Try to eat paleo (I said try... lol)
- Calling my friends more often (i.e. more than once a year)

That's it.

What are everyone's resolutions?